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Today the KYD hiring platform is open to the public. First of all I would like to thank our team for the work done, our test panel for making time to test. Our partner Stakecube for posting vacancies on the platform. I will briefly explain what is currently possible on the platform and what needs to be added later. As I mentioned earlier, we will include the points from the community and users in our subsequent development sprint. For this we will first make an overview of the costs and request this via the governance system in our wallet.

The platform offers the possibility to:

Create a profile for project owners and developers in which they can briefly present their own. In addition, there is the option of additional information such as Contact Information / Availability & Rates / Skills / Work Experience to share. In addition to this information, the platform also maintains a database of projects offered by a user or in which they participated. After closing, both the developer and the project owner can leave a rating and review about the collaboration so that other users get an impression of how everything went. An additional option that we offer is the use of our KYC / AML service so that you will be classified as a verified user. This means that your Name / Address / Contact information / Social links are exceeded by our verification platform and you cannot change them. (only shielding of contact information and address details (country of origin excluded) are possible)

Offer work as a project owner in which you describe which project it concerns, what work it concerns and the reward that is paid for it. Developers can see a complete overview to which they can respond and view information from the project owner.

Responding to work offered and making an offer for which you would like to accept the work. You can currently use 3 payment methods KYDC / BTC / USD. Later we will give the possibility to use a payment gateway integrated in the platform. To get in touch with the project owner or developer, we also offer the option to use the message function so that endless back and forth emailing is not necessary and your contact information is only needed after accepting the offer.

View user profiles You can view profiles of project owners and developers via the project list to make contact and get an impression of who you have in front of you. The built-in messaging system can possibly come into contact with each other.

We would like to hear suggestions for expanding the platform with more functions and supplies to provide you with a platform with which you can offer or accept work with a good feeling. It covers a wide range of work areas from writing reviews / articles, social influencer to activities such as full stack development. There is room for everyone to develop themselves and to get in touch with project owners who may offer them the opportunity to develop themselves.

If there are any further questions, feel free to ask, our team has worked very hard to make it to the deathline and we therefore hope to understand some small details that may still need to be adjusted, so please share your first impression.

Visit our platform here:

Regards, Your KYD team!

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